Pleasure Oil


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A topical cannabis aphrodisiac to activate pleasure zones.

May be used as a topical aphrodisiac to activate pleasure zones, unlock energies, and enhance orgasm. This ancient formula uses the sacred essential oils of myrrh and frankincense with cannabis to bring blood flow and sensation to the area. Apply generously on and inside erogenous zones.This product is NOT intended for use as a lube, coconut oil will breakdown latex condoms and toys. If you intend to use during intercourse, use a non-latex condom.

Regular Pleasure Oil – 10ml & 30ml
Pleasure Oil with Cinnamon – 10ml & 30ml

Each 3-4 pumps contains 1ml measuring 17mg of THC that will leave you tingling and warm with pleasure. A little goes a long way.
*Solvent free


Can be: relaxing, Helps to:, Alleviate pain, Relax muscles, Anti-Inflamatory, Pain Relief


Liquid coconut oil (MTC), CO2 extracted THC oil, essential oil blend of myrrh and frankincense.

*Contains 500mg of lab tested CO2 extracted THC


10ml, 30ml, 10ml Cinnamon, 30ml Cinnamon

  • Caitlin

    5 out of 5

    My partner and I are huge fans of the Pleasure Oil from Cannalife Botanicals. Their Pleasure Oil is generously infused with 500mg of lab-tested CO2 extracted THC. CO2 extraction produces a solvent-less product, which I am a strong advocate for. To me, medicinal means only using products extracted in a solvent-less manner, leaving the patient with the cleanest medicine possible. Cannalife suspends their THC in MCT oil which allows for quick uptake in the body. Within minutes of massaging the oil into my skin, I can feel my body warming and tingling. Pleasure Oil can be used for so much more than simply a topical aphrodisiac. The quick uptake provided by the MCT oil makes the Pleasure Oil a wonderful remedy for sore muscles. My partner and I are active hikers and will massage the oil into our shoulders and legs after a long day. It is my go to for pain relief for sore muscles! I love that Cannalife makes use of essential oils in their products, as I am a huge believer in their medicinal capabilities. The use of myrrh and frankincense add to the moisturizing power of the Pleasure Oil, as well as promote relaxation. The pairing of the myrrh and frankincense smell absolutely delightful together! Cannalife Pleasure Oil is a wonderful treat to add to any intimate moment you may share with someone you love, but also provides a great deal of medicinal benefit. I love this product!

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