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  • Hello, I'm Amanda and I just wanna say that I love your bath soak/scrub. It makes my body feel so relaxed after a long day with my two kids. It helps so much with my back acne and takes away my stress and anxiety. I also really love the smell of the calm and relieve just love it! My body feels so great and lasts a while and I sleep amazing. I have really bad knees and once i have a bath it takes the pain away! Can't wait to try other products from you guys! You guys are amazing! Xo

    Amanda Smith - Bath Soak & Scrub

  • Your extra strength arthritis balm has helped me so much. I was talking with a co-worker, and she was telling me about her mother in law having osteo arthritis in her knees and how she was using this balm and how much it helped her. Well when I heard this, I had to give it a try, as everything else I’ve used either just didn’t work or just took the edge off my pain in my knee. I bought the arthritis balm, and wow… I put it on my hip and knee, and 5 min’s later I was like ok, where did the pain go? I had to move around thinking how could it be. I had no pain, I was so happy to have actually found something that worked for me 100%. When you have chronic pain, you learn to just live with it, and this is what I have been doing, because there was just no other solution, UNTIL I was introduced to Cannalife. Now I cant stop telling people to try it. When you find something like this you just want to spread the word to help others. My sister and other family members also suffer from Arthritis and I have told them to give it a try. I gave a small sample of mine for a friends mom and it also worked for her…I just love this product. I also bought the migraine salve.

    Debbie Peters - Arthritis Balm

  • I highly recommend this healing Cannalife Botanical’s Salve for anyone with painful, itchy, inflamed skin. This stuff is a lifesaver!  It’s honestly saved my skin and made me feel like I finally have control over my eczema. It feels soothing and I am actually starting to notice a difference (which is a big deal after 24 years).  

    Kayla Clarke, BA, ND Candidate (2018) -


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